Admin Training

In this section, we'll review key areas that Admins will use to setup and maintain their UpKeep account. Also, we will cover how to process work order requests, manage teams, pull reports and review team dashboards.  

  1. Manage your UpKeep users and teams:
    • Invite your team to join UpKeep
    • Create a team on UpKeep
  2. UpKeep Dashboards:
    • Leaderboard: Quickly view work order activities in a variety of different ways. 
    • Dashboard: Detailed insights to drive efficiency.
  3. Build and Save Work Order Report:
    • Build Filters: Select specific criteria to create custom views and reporting.
    • Save Filter: Easily access your routine reports by creating filters.
    • Export Reporting: Quickly export a PDF or CSV of important information such as cost, time, and updates.

Manage your UpKeep users and teams:

Invite your team to join UpKeep on the Web:

  1. Access your User settings by selecting People & Teams
  2. On the People & Teams page, click the "Plus Sign"
  3. Add New People
    • Enter the user’s email address
    • Enter the user's password 
    • Select User's Account Type
  4. Click Add User(s)

Create a team on UpKeep

  1. Access your User settings by selecting People & Teams
  2. On the People & Teams page, click  "Teams"
  3. On the Teams Overview, click the "Plus Sign"
  4. Add a new team
    • Enter the team name
    • Enter the team description
  5. Click Add Team
  6. On the Teams Overview page, select the new "Team"
  7. On the Edit Team Users page, select people to add to the team 
  8. Click  "Back" in the top right corner to to go back to the team page

UpKeep Dashboards:


Review work orders by:

  • Users and Teams: Help determine workload and productivity
  • Assets, Locations and Categories: Quickly and efficiently prioritize  work orders
  • Review Part Inventory Levels: Review parts that are low or at risk of going out of stock


Review company wide work order data

  • Total number of work orders by status 
  • Open Work Order Request 
  • Cost of Work Orders Completed
  • Number of Work Orders Completed by User  
Screen Recording 2018-01-23 at 12.03 AM.gif

Build and Save Work Order Report

With UpKeep, you're able to build reports right from our Work Order page. Being able to pull reports quickly will save an immense amount of time and help provide instant insight into your facilities and teams activities. Below you'll learn:

      • How to Create Reports 
      • How to Save Reports 

      How to build and Save Work Order Reports

        1.  To begin building a report access the Reporting/Filter feature by selecting "Filters" on the work order page. 

        2. Begin selecting your filters, start at the top of the screen and work your way down & to the right.
       Using the criteria shown in the Filter/Report tab. 

      For example, if you wanted to pull a report that showed all work orders closed by a specific user created this month the filters would be:
      • ASSIGNED TO: User Name
      • DATE COMPLETED: 12/1/2017 To: 12/31/2017

      3. As you update your filters, your results will display on the right side of the screen. 

      4. Once you've selected your filters and received the desired results, you can save your reports. To save your reports follow these steps:

      • Select Work Order Filters
      • Enter Report Name
      • Select "Save"

      Note: If the search filters selected does not return any work orders, try adjusting the chosen filters. Remove the filters one by one to see what filters do not work.