How to Create and Manage Work Order Requests

This article explains how to How to Create and Manage Request with our web and mobile applications. 

  • How to Create a Work Orders Request
  • How to Manage Work Order Request 

How to Create a Request

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Through UpKeep Web or Mobile App

Step 1: Log in to UpKeep through your web or mobile app
Step 2: Select the Requests page
Step 3: Click the "+ Requests" in the bottom corner
Step 4: Enter in Work Order all the request details
Step 5: Select Submit Request

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Through Request Portal

Step 1: Navigate to your company's Request Portal
Step 2: Fill out the form
Step 3: Click the "Submit Request" button



Need your companies Request Portal URL or Email Address? Contact your team admin for details!

How to Manage Work Order Requests 

Step 1: Select the Requests page
Step 2: On the Requests page, click the desired work order request
Step 3: Evaluate Work Order Request
     Select Priority
     Assign Location or Asset/Equipment
     Assign Main Worker, Support Worker or Team
     Assign Due Date or Schedule
     Add any Form Items or Checklists (optional)
     Click "Add Part" (optional)
     Click "Add File" (optional) 
Step 4: Click "Approve

*If work order does not qualify for approval, select "Decline Request"

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