Create Filters/Reports & Export Work Order Data

This article explains how your team can how to manage & assign categories to work orders :

    • How to Create Reports 
    • How to Export Work Order Data

    Create Filters/Reports

    1. Access the Reporting/Filter feature by selecting "Filters" on the work order page
    2. Select "Assigned Info" filter options
    3. Select work order status - options include:
      1. Incomplete
      2. Closed
      3. Archived
    4. Select date range - options include:
      1. Due Date 
      2. Created Date 
      3. Completed Date
    5. Work Order Title (Optional) 
    6. Work Order Number (Optional) 
    7. Select Apply Filter 

    How to Export Work Order Data

    1. Start by Create Filters/Reports
    2. On the "Filter Result Page" navigate to "Export Work Order Data"
    3. Select Export Type - options include:
      1. Export to CSV
      2. Export PDF Work Orders