How to Create and Manage Work Orders

This article explains how to create a work order with our mobile/web application. 

How to Create Work Orders

  1. On the "Work Orders" page, click  "+Work Order"
  2. Enter in Work Order Info:
    - Work Order Title
    - Detailed Description  
  3. Select Priority level
  4. Upload Images
  5. Select  Location
  6. Select Asset 
  7. Select Category
  8. Assign Main Worker, Support Worker or Team(defaults to user)
  9. If One Time Work Order: 
    - Select Due Date
  10. Checklist, tasks or form items you have two options:
    • Option 1: Add Task / Form Item
    • Option 2: Add Form Template
  11. Click "Add Part" (Select Part and Enter Quantity ) 
  12. Click "Add File"
  13. Click Add Work Order
Screen Recording 2018-01-23 at 03.56 PM.gif

How to Edit Work Orders

  1. On the "Work Orders" page, Click the desired work order
  2. Select the Options "Edit"
  3. Make desired edits 
  4. Click "Save Work Order"  
Screen Recording 2018-01-31 at 04.41 PM.gif

How to process work orders

  1. On the "Work Orders" page, Click the desired work order
  2. Evaluate
    - Work Order Description
    - Location
    - Equipment
    - Parts and Tools needed to complete the job
  3. Move work order status to "In Progress" 
  4. Complete Task/Checklist (if applicable) 
  5. Select Part and Quantity Used  
  6. Enter Time and Cost
  7. Include Updates in "Update Section" 
    • Web App: Select Updates
    • Mobile App: Swipe Right 
  8. Once work order is completed update status to "Closed"