How to Use Asset Check-In and Check-Out

Easily keep track of all your assets. Always know which of your assets are available and who has them.

Keeping track of multiple assets across multiple locations can be time consuming and frustrating. With UpKeep's Asset Check-In and Check-Out feature you are always on top of where your assets are and who has them.

Set procedures for both checking-in and checking-out so everyone knows what is expected from them to use the asset and how to return it.

Step by Step Instructions for Check-In and Check-Out

Step 1: Go to the "Assets" tab
Step 2: Select the asset you want to check-out
Step 3: Click on "Check Out Procedure"
Step 4: Leave any notes you need and click "Check Out"
Step 5: When it's time to check the asset back in, navigate back to the asset and click on "Check In Procedure'
Step 6: Leave any notes you need and click "Check In"

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This feature is currently available for our Business Plus and Enterprise Clients.