Basic Data Migration


Basic Data Migration: Uploading your own data in UpKeep is easy. We’ve made it even easier with our quick how-to guide.

  • Export Data: Export the data from your current CMMS / EAM tool. Most CMMS / EAM tools give users the ability to export their data as a CSV file.
  • Clean Data: Before migrating your data into your new UpKeep account, nows the time to review and clean up your data. Remove old inventory, equipment and any outdated information.
  • Map Data: Next you’ll need to map your previous data fields to your new UpKeep data fields. Simply use our Asset Template or Inventory Template to map out your data. (Download the Sample Templates within your asset/inventory tab)
  • Import Data: Now you’re ready to import your asset/inventory data into your UpKeep account. Simply navigate to our asset/inventory tab, Press the "Import" button in the top right hand corner of the assets page and import your Asset Template or Inventory Template Sheet.

Need help uploading your data? Check out our easy to use self service data import feature.

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