Q1 2018

We've got some exciting new features coming out in the first quarter of 2018 including...

Last Updated: April 9, 2018

  • Asset downtime reporting
    • Asset downtime is one of the largest costs of a business. Use UpKeep's Business Plus plan to help track uptime % and more!
  • Vendors and customers for Mobile
    • Track all of your customers and vendors and assign work orders to them from your iOS and android device
  • UpKeep Smart Assistant
    • UpKeep is getting smarter and bringing predictive maintenance into your maintenance team! Introducing the UpKeep Smart Assistant. The assistant will learn from your account and your account's behaviors to surface important tasks and reminders based on previous actions or inactions.
  • Custom Workflows
    • Do you have a custom workflow that your business follows? This is the feature for you! For example you'll be able to automatically schedule work orders to this user IF it is assigned to a high priority. More info coming soon!

Q2 2018


  • A brand new work orders page
    • We've heard that the work orders list page can use better quick filters, search, and more. In Q1 of 2018, we'll be releasing our brand new work orders page for the web application!
  • Full lifecycle purchase orders and requisitions
  • Improved roles and permissioning across web, ios, and android
    • Separate which work orders, which assets, and which properties users can see based on team
  • Improved group collaboration and messaging
  • Organization, visibility, editability of preventative maintenance schedules
  • Reporting Initiative
    • We're working hard to bring you reports that drive value and insight from your data. Stay tuned!
  • Business plus for Mobile
    • Get all of the great new updates for our new business plus plan including downtime reporting, lock out / tag out, and more!

Q3 2018

  • User Experience Redesign of UpKeep for Web, iOS, and Android
    • Inline editing on work order detail page
    • This will give you and your entire team the ability to directly edit, update, and save updates directly on the work order details page without having to go into edit!
  • Scheduling Initiative
    • Dispatch boards
    • Improved calendars
    • Facility Manager dashboards
  • ERP Integrations
    • Expand SAP integrations

  • Third party vendor management
  • Offline Capabilities
    • Saved Work Orders
    • Bookmarking tasks
  • Full lifecycle IoT sensor integrations

Q4 2018