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Implementation Guide:

Welcome to UpKeep. We're excited to provide you with a personalized implementation plan to help get you and your facility set-up. Your UpKeep Implementation Guide lays out all steps required to successfully implement UpKeep.

  • Attend kick off call:
    • Join implementation Kick-off call (Agenda Below)
  • Account Set-Up:
    • Setting up Locations
      • Primary Locations
      • Sub-locations 
    • Importing Assets/Equipment Data
    • Importing Part/Inventory Data
    • Adding user UpKeep
  • Team Training/Onboarding: 
    • Plan & Schedule Team Training 
    • Support Resources 

UpKeep Main Point of Contact:

Contact Name: Joe Schmitt
Contact Number: 323-880-0275
Email Address:

Kick-Off Call

Each facilities main point of contact will join a kick-off call. On this call, we will walk you through your UpKeep Implementation plan, and review the information required to set up your UpKeep account.

Kick-off Call Agenda 

  • Introduction
  • Review Implementation Tracking Sheet
  • Action Items
  • Schedule Weekly Check-in meetings 

Implementation Timeline:

Admins will work with their teams to complete the following deliverables. The steps listed below must be completed in the proper order to ensure a successful set-up. 

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Data Collection:

To set-up your UpKeep account, we will collect data from your facility. To collect this data we will use the below sheet labeled "Rehrig - Onboarding - Data Migration Mastersheet." On this sheet we will collect:

Data Collection Sheet: Click here

  • Location Data Collection
  • Asset Naming Nomenclature Creator
  • Asset Data Collection
  • Part Data Collection
  • User Data Collection