4/19/2018 - Web Release

- Load time improvements

4/18/2018 - Web Release

- Released new, updated Work Order page
- Minor Dashboard UI updates
- Released quick filters buttons on Work Order page
- Released quick Filter Save from current filter by hitting enter in filter box

4/16/2018 - Web Release

- Released update to Asset category templates

4/11/2018 - Web Release

- Added new badge showing the number of additional support workers on Work Orders in the Work Orders list
- You can now disable notifications for closed Work Orders
- Updated UI on Work Order Edit page
- Added the ability to show the number of open Work Orders on the Assets table view

4/10/2018 - Web Release

- Updated API calls
- You can now import and export Meters
- Released Purchase Order Portal in Settings giving easy access for requesters to submit and track purchase order requests 

4/9/2018 - Mobile Release

- Multiple Android bug fixes

4/6/2018 - Web Release

- Push notifications for Work Orders will now push to all team members if assigned to a team

4/3/2018 - Web Release

- API updated with search for teams and updated documentation for meters

3/28/2018 - Web/Mobile Release

- Vendors & Customers feature section released on mobile (Android/iOS)
- The Work Order detail page will now open directly from push notifications
- You can now click into Part Details directly from Work Orders

3/26/2018 - Web Release

- You can now link parts to assets during CSV imports
- We've updated the UI on the add/edit Work Orders page
- Minor enhancement for color coding on Work Orders list page

3/22/2018 - Web Release

- Add "completed by" filter to work orders filtering
- Ability to enlarge images on new work orders detail page
- Hide unassigned teams/people/vendors sections on assets, parts locations if no one is assigned

3/21/2018 - Web Release

- We've fixed an issue so that the filters get applied correctly when exporting your work orders to a CSV file
- We've updated linking to view work order page on new WOs page from different places in the web application

3/20/2018 - Web Release

- UpKeep "Smart Assistant" is getting smarter! In this release, we've added Assistant Cards (No Preventative Work Orders, Past Due Work Orders, Out of Stock Parts, Inactive Users, No Form Templates)
- Change `Cost` to `Additional Cost`