Getting Started with UpKeep

Congratulations! You’ve Signed up With UpKeep! We're excited to provide you with a personalized on-boarding plan to help get you and your team set-up. Getting Started with UpKeep will walk you through a process of setting up your UpKeep account. Each set of tutorials organized based on your UpKeep role and on-boarding journey. 

Administrator Training: Now that you're ready to get set up on UpKeep. Our easy onboarding guide will walk you through the steps to properly set-up your account and quickly have your team up and running. 
Primary Role: Admin 

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Technical User Training: Learning how to use UpKeep as a technician is simple. We even made it a tad bit easier with our easy to follow guide. Learn how to setup your account, navigate UpKeeps Technician features and optimize your workflow.
Primary Roles: Technician & Limited Technician


Request Training: Submitting requests is simple. Walk through our guide about how to set submit requests, track the status of them, and more! 
Primary Roles: Requesters and View Only

What are the different UpKeep user roles? Check out UpKeeps different User Roles