UpKeep was first brought to Stericycle 882 days ago and we've seen such tremendous success already.

Together, your teams have already completed 75,404 work orders to date. Regardless of your company, that's amazing progress.

That accounts for over $1,508,080 saved over the last 882 days. And we're just getting started at Stericycle.

Screenshot 2017-12-13 10.08.56_preview.png

But money is not the only important factor. We are also helping save over 25,000 hours. This spans across 28 completely separate facilities and includes over 65 users on UpKeep today.

To put that into perspective... We've moved 65 people from Stericycle off of paper, and into the digital world.

Your teams have over 613 assets input into UpKeep. Don't let me forget, 719 parts and inventory added to your UpKeep account.

That makes you unstoppable!

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Want to see exactly how your teams were able to take their maintenance to the next level?

See for yourself through our application below:

We want to work with you and your team to see how we can take UpKeep to the rest of Stericycle.

What do you say?

Together with UpKeep and Stericycle, we will make strides to make your maintenance 10x better.